NASA UFO Sightings – We’re Not Alone In This Universe?

For the past decades that the astronauts sent to space by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), it has been reported that they have seen some strange sightings. The NASA authorities have instructed their astronauts to abstain from speaking publicly about what they’ve seen in order not cause alarm to the public.

Since the early times, a growing number of people have allegedly seen unidentified flying objects that are now commonly known as UFOs. The NASA UFO sightings in outer space are simply a confirmation that there could really possibly be other creatures out there and that we are not alone in this universe.

These UFO sightings by NASA astronauts began with Major Gordon Cooper in his experience as the last solo mission astronaut who went into space in 1963. While orbiting the earth then, he testified of having seen a green object that continues to glow as it was coming near his spaceship.

Another testimony of UFO sighting was given by Donald Slayton, who was part of the group of astronauts who flew the Apollo, Mercury, Gemini and the Space Shuttle. He reported of having seen a kite-like flying object at more than 10,000 feet altitude while he was then test flying a fighter jet.